Success is the progressive realization of predetermined goals.

If you’re goal is to win the world cup with your national team, then you need to think about all the other goals in between, that you need to realise on the way to winning that world cup. Once you have established these, you can have a much clearer focus on the immediate goals at hand and before you know it, you will find yourself on the way to wining the world cup.

So first you need a set of goals.

These can be individual or team, but whatever you set, they should be achievable.

Set yourself a timeline. When do you hope to achieve each of the goals you have set yourself.

Always keep your minds eye on the big picture, that final goal, while you keep working on these smaller goals. Visualizing your success is a big way to achieving it.

Set yourself up to succeed. Remind yourself at every given opportunity what it is that you are going to do. You could leave notes for yourself or tell people.

Keep supportive and positive company along the way to achieving your goals, family, friends, team mates and of course your coach.

To achieve team success, you should consider focusing the positives that the team creates for one another. Arsene Wenger did this with a motivational briefing that was found and published in the British media.

Success is a choice and like Kaka says “impossible is nothing!”

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