playingPlaying football is why you like football. Football is a leisure activity, it’s something you do for fun and enjoyment. So if you want to get better at playing football, you practice by playing the game of football.
It is for this reason that when you consider the kind of training that you give yourself, you should expect that training to be a reflection of the game that you are learning to play.

To help me explain this section more, I would like you first to click on the link below (enjoy).


Still not sure what I’m trying to get at? Try this one below

Playing games is fun! And learning is easy to do if you are doing something that you are having fun doing. When you are still learning, you have to play the real game too, so that you see if you can recreate what you’ve learnt in a game situation.

If you play against people that are better than you, then you often compete to be better. You immediately set your own standards by those around you and you try to beat them. It is for this reason that you want to get better. Imagine how difficult it must be to develop if you are the best.

Below you can see a beautiful video of Zizou playing football with his boys, his eldest wants to play to win, to beat his dad.

Competing with our peers is what pushes you to get better.

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