therules2The rules of association football were first published in 1863 with thirteen rules set out by a group of ex-public school men while sitting in their local pub in England. It set out details like the size of the goals, what is a free kick, the size of the pitch and alike. Once these were all set out, they were made the president across the world for people everywhere to play the same game.


You can download your own pdf copy of THE LAWS OF THE GAME here, from the FIFA website.

OK, so now you have watched the video and read the rule book, it’s time to put you to the test.

Here are a collection of quiz’s about the rules of the game, time to test yourself:

QUIZ 1** Some questions from the BBC’s football academy
QUIZ 2** A few questions from
QUIZ 3** A great quiz from the AFC on the Rules of the game
QUIZ 4** A FANTATSTIC course made available by Football Federation Australia

You’re still not sure about the offside rule? Have a look at FIFA’s guide to the offside rule

To find out more about the rules of futsal (FIFA’s approved version of 5v5 indoor football) have a look here.

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