setplaysSet Plays are any passage of play that comes from a restart to the normal flowing game. This could be the kick off, a free kick, a corner or a throw in.

Set plays can be practiced on the training ground. Having your team practiced at the roles and responsibilities of each player in these given situation can be a big advantage.

The following video gives you a great outline as to what set-plays are. Why they are important in today’s game and a quick introduction to corner taking.

Here’s a cheeky corner kick you could work on

Free kicks are another thing that you can practice on the training ground.

Have a look at these videos below for a collection of free kicks with something different.


The other set play you can practice is, of course, the direct free kick.

The game below will take a time to load, please be patient.

Once it’s up and running fumble your way through the controls and choose your preferred professional football player to take direct free kicks around the wall.

Good luck.

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