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When I went to meet Michel Bruyninckx in Belgium and discuss academy training methods, I was presented with incredible enthusiasm of something that I saw years ago which had seemed to pass the world by as a fad.

The “SoccerPal” is an “individual training tool for the beginner and advanced player which allows multiple touches without a partner or having to continually chase the ball. The net and adjustable elastic cord encourage proper striking of the ball with all parts of the body. In addition the returning ball helps to develop touch and reaction time.”

This product is “Tested and Certified by FIFA”, endorsed by Sir Bobby Charlton (International Football Legend) where it is said that this product is used at the Bobby Charlton Soccer School.

Roy Rees (Coach for the US national U17 team 1985-1993) states “SoccerPal gives you a chance to touch the ball more frequently, since you never have to chase the ball … a great tool for improving your game.”

Walter Greg (Head of Technical at FIFA) writes, “SoccerPal has been duly tested and conforms to FIFA requirements” (I don’t know what they are, but this is FIFA) “It is particularly suitable for the traiing of young players in order to improve their soccer skills and technical abilities.”

The “Soccer Pal” market price $19.99US, YES!, $19.99US for a net:


When I spoke to Michel about this, he explained the benefits of using the “SoccerPal”. The first thing that you notice is that the player holding the net, hold his/her hands in the center of their torso. This is similar to yoga or any number of martial arts, finding your bodies center is key to being a balanced player. Throughout any of the drills you do with the SoccerPal, the hands always find the center. From the center we can kick the ball with both feet, encouraging good technique with high repetition, we start to “hard wire” the brain into using both feet correctly.

Here is a pro Belgian football player talking about this training aid :




I found this fascinating and went looking to buy a “SoccerPal”, but alas I couldn’t find anything. I went to numerous sports shops and no one stocks it and judging by the advertisement video,  it looks like something you have to mail order from the states and checking their website, there is no sign of the SoccerPal (this advert looks very old.)

So I then looked around (searched the internet) and found other products on the market that produce the same results, for example “The Jimmy Ball” or “The Star Kick“. Again, these don’t show you how to get them.

So I did what comes naturally to someone that wants something, but can’t find where to get it,  I had one made for me.

I found a supplier in China who could make for me a net at the end of string (let’s face it, that’s what it is) and so ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you :


  • The Soccer Net is not endorsed by FIFA.
  • The Soccer Net is not endorsed by Bobby Charlton
  • The Soccer Net is not endorsed by any national team coach
  • The Soccer Net does not have a fancy packaging or advertisements
  • The Soccer Net does keep the ball close to your player at all times
  • The Soccer Net does allow you to find your key center
  • The Soccer Net does allow for multiple repetitive touches of the ball
  • The Soccer Net is made from strong and durable polyester chord
  • The Soccer Net will improve your game with multiple use
  • The Soccer Net does not come with a DVD, (because you can see how to use it here)
  • The Soccer Net is here !

I will send FREE OF CHARGE a “Soccer Net” to the first ten people to leave a comment on this blog post with their name and email, writing  “Soccer Net Rocks!”

Good luck !

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