Setting your goals

Setting your goals

Football is all about goals, you need to score more goals than your opponent to win the game.

Likewise, if you want to improve, you will want to score your own personal goals.

Goals don’t just have to be the big white posts at the end of the football pitch, they can be anything which leads you on the pathway to success.

“Success is the progressive realization of predetermined and worthy goals or ideas.”
How do we set our goals and what should we do when we figure them out?

First we need to plan what our ultimate goal is and then we need to break that down into more simple, smaller goals and figure out how to achieve these.

In a game of football the ultimate goal is to win the game (by scoring more goals than our opponent), so what we need to do is plan and train 1) how to score goals 2) how to create goal scoring chances 3) how to stop our opponent from scoring goals.

If we take just point 1) how to score goals, we could break this down into 1) how to shoot with the laces 2) how to score attacking headers etc

Each little goal is a step to achieveing the big goal and only by breaking down the step by step process to achieve the big goal, by a varity of smaller goals are we able to achieve our ultimate aim.

So, we need to figure out, what are ultimate goal is and then, how to break these down into manageable goals that we can work on and achieve on out way to achieving our big goal. When you have done this, you need to write them down to visualize this and focus on achieving them.

Do not tell unnecessary people your goals, tell only people who will encourage you to commit to the goals you set out to achieve.  (see the video below)

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