Having fun at football training

Having fun at football training

The reason we come to football training is to play football, to learn and to have fun. This needs to be in a controlled environment by the coach and finding a perfect balance between learning and having fun is a delicate skill and an act.

The first thing you must always remind yourself before any lesson is “Who am I coaching?”

Are you coaching 6 year old players? Are you coaching 18 year old players? Are you coaching professionals? Are you coaching girls? Are you coaching reformed criminals? All these (and many more) scenarios will require you the coach to address your crowd in a different way each time, while still holding onto the same core values and delivering the same specific content of your course.

Humour is with out a doubt the best way to approach most situations and helps to ensure that the people you are talking to are engaged with you and are able to listen with you together and create a bond.

I stumbled across this educational video on how this could be done and I think it fantastically points out some clever uses of language and humour that will enable you to create better connections with your players.

So when we come to training we come to “play football, learn and have fun”. So as much help as we get on how to have fun, it is always important to that the actual lesson that you are delivering is heard. ┬áIt’s important that you the coach are heard, you have important information to give and whether it’s a funny story or important key information on a topic, you need to make sure your team (pupils) are listening to you.

So here is another video that might be able to help you (wow, I love this channel!)


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